Dux Britannium Campaign

This campaign is using TooFatLardies’ Dux Britannium rules, which has a campaign system (actually, a series of linked battles) added on to it. Like the battle rules, they are very easy to use, with almost no paperwork!

The game is set in 485 AD as the Saxons raid the British kingdom of Cynwiddon, north-west of the abandoned city of Londinium (London).

Latest News From The Front

The Saxons have launched three raids on British soil, and have been defeated every time, although they’ve come closer and closer to victory with every fight. If Cyra cannot get some loot in the new year, he will be unable to pay his taxes (he is already penniless) and be declared outlaw, crushing any ambitions he had of becoming a mighty warlord.

For the British, Decurion Flexigus is dead, and the British army is badly bruised, but should have time to recover before Cyra dares raid again- new recruits, bouyed by the Tribune’s successes in the field, have even joined up with his lucky band!

After Action Reports-

The Raid on St. Benedictine’s Church
Protect the Wagons!
Raiding the Family Farm

The Cast 

Tribune Aelius

Aelius is a very young man from a Roman middle-class family, who due to a mixture of luck, talent and connections (and lack of competent peers) has risen the level of a British commander in the kingdom of Cynwiddon, a relatively large and powerful entity in post-Roman Britain. Although he’s not a very large man, he is extremely healthy and full of life.

Decurion Flexigus (deceased)

The decurion is the great-grandson of an obscure Roman senator, and still bears himself like a Roman aristocrat. Tall, strong and handsome, he is, at nineteen, only a year younger than Aelius, and considers himself politically more talented than his commander.

Decurion Rellius

Rellius is the son of a British warlord who served under the high king Vortigern over thirty years ago when the Saxons first came to this land. The older Rellius opposed the Saxons then, and the younger Rellius opposes them now. He is the oldest of the trio, at twenty-four, but is just as energetic and vigorous as the others.

Aethling Cyra

He was born a peasant in northern Germany, and through his (stolen) sword and force of charisma, has forged a small warband to go pillaging in Britain. He’s found a patch of territory north of Cynwiddon in the former British lands of Durobrivae, and intends to make his name and fortune by raiding and eventually conquering a juicy target like the kingdom of Cynwiddon.

Adligs Merx and Hennig

His two Adligs, or nobles, Merx and Hennig, are both aristocratic by birth but come from modest enough families to appreciate Cyra’s skill in leading men. Merx the Blessed is a very large and pious man, but secretly desires a throne of his own so he can live up to his ancestors’ reputations. Hennig is a much smaller man, and unusually for Saxons, a talented horseman.

Before he can subjugate any British lands, Cyra and his adligs must build up wealth and a reputation by successfully  raiding British territories. Aelius and his decurions stand in their way.

Let loose the dogs of war!


About Joshua Letchford

I'm a 23-year old Christian from far north Western Australia. I'm interested in philosophy, logic, politics, history, military history, strategy, board games, wargaming and reading. I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in politics and ancient history through Macquarie University, which I studied externally so I could stay connected with my family and my small town community.
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