The Peloponnesian War

Sometimes I start a period because I discover a new ruleset, sometimes I discover a new ruleset because I love a period.

The Perfect Captain’s Hoplomachia rules falls into the former category. Actually, to be honest, most of my rules do. Normally, the infighting between the Greek city states after the Persian invasion and before Alexander the Great is a pretty boring period to wargame- especially with generic rules like DBA or Neil Thomas’ otherwise excellent “Ancient and Medieval Wargaming” rules. The reason is that Spartan, Athenian, Corinthian, Theban, Ionian and Peloponnesian armies are virtually identical when the ruleset is accomodating such a wide variety of armies like Parthia, Rome, Greece and Gaul.

However, if you design a ruleset specifically for the Peloponnesian war and so forth, then you find that all these aforementioned armies are all different! This is what The Perfect Captain has done with their Hoplomachia rules: Spartan armies are as tough as nails, the Athenian hoplites are good, and their armies tend to have more light support, while Ionian hoplites are really rather fragile.

The Spartans, Greece’s full-time military psycopaths, and the Thracians, the sociopaths of the Greek world, are my two favourite armies: I always have had that soft spot for the best of the best and skirmishers.


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