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I'm a 23-year old Christian from far north Western Australia. I'm interested in philosophy, logic, politics, history, military history, strategy, board games, wargaming and reading. I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in politics and ancient history through Macquarie University, which I studied externally so I could stay connected with my family and my small town community.

Manifest Destiny: Part 1

The War with the Etruscan League This is my playthrough of Rome Total War 2, after the Power and Politics update, as the Romans on Legendary difficulty. I am playing as the Cornelli, who specialise at assimilating foreign cultures (and … Continue reading

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The Battle of Illium

This is a part of my on-going solo DBA campaign, Under The Chariot Wheels, which you can read about here The Battle of Illium occurred in a low-lying valley past the walls of Troy itself. On the Hittite side lay a small … Continue reading

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Under the Chariot Wheels- A Solo DBA Campaign

I’ve started a solo six-player DBA campaign, based on the events around the Hittite Empire, around 1280 BC. The six empires are the Hittites, Assyrians, Elamites, Midianites, Egyptians and Mycenaeans. Since I have no figures for this period, and I’m … Continue reading

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Doughty Defence, And An Airborne Troll

Feeling the drain after a tense week at university, I organised a Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (I know, not the greatest name) with a few friends, using a scenario adapted from Charles Grant’s Programmed Wargames Scenarios. The … Continue reading

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Drunks, Shattered Ranks and Final Stands

After their crushing victory in March, the Saxons returned to Ardentium in May, this time with the intent of conquering the area for the newly-crowned warlord, Aelfic the Impaler. Having only just replaced his losses from the last engagement, Alliminius … Continue reading

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A Patrol Gone Ill- Southern Britain, 477 AD

Last week was my penultimate exam week for university, so with no study on the following weekend, I decided to treat myself to a game of Dux Britanniarum, using as the first scenario in a new Dux Britanniarum campaign, The … Continue reading

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He Thinks He’s An Infantryman! British Armour Against Soviet Marines, c. 1980

I played a game of Wargame: Airland Battle this week. I fielded my custom-made British armour deck, while the computer AI controlled a Soviet Marine (quality infantry) battlegroup. The game of course is based on a hypothetical Cold War gone … Continue reading

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