American Civil War

The “Ooh Shiny” syndrome is well-known among wargamers. It involves being very happy with the different periods, scales and rules that you play with, and then seeing somebody else being very happy playing in a different period/scale/ruleset than what you use, and deciding to go and play that too.

When this syndrome involves buying lots of new soldiers, spending hours painting them and possibly researching the period or puzzling over new rules, this can be very expensive.

Fortunately, I can use Battlechronicler to play my new little side-periods without having to actually buy any new figures. This has proved very helpful as I have become interested in a particular period that I thought I would never become interested in:

The American Civil War.

It was actually a rulset, “Terrible Sharp Sword” produced by TooFatLardies which triggered my “Oh Shiny” moment. I don’t really know why. Maybe it was the uniforms, or the idea of civilians in uniforms that appealed to me. All I know is that I saw the cover of the rules, read a battle report or too and decided: “I… must… buy… rules!”

What makes this all the stranger is that “Terrible Sharp Sword” is actually simply an adaption of the Lardies’ Napoleonic skirmish game “Sharp Practice”. Why I fell for the American Civil War (which I’ve never been interested in) and not for the Napoleonic version (when Napoleonics is my all-time favourite period) I really don’t know.

But here we are. And off I go, into the American Civil War!


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