Napoleonic Wars

A children’s story about The Nutcracker, a toy soldier dressed up in roughly Napoleonic uniform was my very first introduction to toy soldiers and to the Napoleonic wars themselves, and I’ve loved them ever since.

I think it’s because it seems like the quintessential period of military history- great generals, carefully planned campaigns, pitched battles, infantry, cavalry, artillery, various massed formations, written orders, a huge variety of armies, etc.

I’ve also accumulated a huge collection of rulesets; I’ve traditionally enjoyed Republique for larger battles, but I also have Elan, La Fleu Sacre, Sharp Practice and One Day Campaign rules, each covering a different scale of these momentous conflicts. I’ve even dabbled in the mammoth old school rules Column Line and Square, and found them strangely really amusing, if not exactly historically rigorous for my tastes.


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