Pike and Shot

The Wars of Religion is my broad label for the three main wars of the second half of the 16th century- the French civil wars between Catholics and Huguenots, the Dutch insurrections against Spanish rule in the Netherlands and of course, the most famous of them all, the Spanish Armada.  It features large armies with quaint blocks of pike and “shot” (musketmen) lumbering around the battlefield in complex manouveres, dashing cavalry, large and cumbersome artillery and fanatical religious dedication to the cause. What more could you want?

The English Civil Wars is actually a collection of wars from the 1639 Bishops War (technically not an English civil war but a failed English invasion of Scotland) until 1651 when Cromwell crushed the last Royalists in England, Scotland and Ireland, setting up his own little despotism for himself. Again, we have pikemen and musketmen, but the troops have become more mobile, while the regiments still have this quiant “civilian” feel to them.

I play this period in 6mm, mainly because the 1:72 plastic figure range isn’t quite as extensive as it is for other areas, much of the cavalry on the market for instance being pirated copies from Mars. I bought some without realising their illegal provenance, but I refuse to continue endorsing theft. All my figures (pressganged to fight in both periods) are from Bacchus’ English Civil War range, which are cheap (excellent postage!) and look good. Especially en masse!

My Wars of Religion page

My English Civil War Page


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