Wars of Religion 1561-1597 AD

Now this is an obscure period. I would have never picked this period; I would have never really learnt anything about this period of history, if it hadn’t been for the Perfect Captain’s wondrous series of games which cover skirmishes, battles, sieges, naval engagements, campaigns, duels and even piracy in the Caribbean!

There were three main conflicts in Europe from 1561-1597; the famous Spanish Amada launched against England, the wars of Religion in France between Catholic royalists and Protestant Huguenots and the Dutch resistance against their Catholic Spanish overlords. As you can see, religion was a major source of conflict in the 1500s!

The Perfect Captain’s games are intuitive, simple and filled with historical detail, which makes this period (which can often by covered by boring and clunky rules stressing lots of dice and technical arguments about formations) into a really fun part of history to replay. You can see the Perfect Captain’s games (they’re free!) here.

Reports from the front!

Spanish Fury Actions! (Company level skirmishes):

Prepare to Recieve Cavalry!

Spanish Fury: Battle! (large-scale battles)

Spanish Fury: Sail! (naval battles)

Spanish Fury: Siege! (sieges)

Spanish Fury: Voyage! (piracy in the Caribbean)

Spanish Fury: Campaign! (campaigns integrating skirmishes, sieges and battles together)

A La Huguenot (garrison warfare)


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