Modern Warfare

I have to admit, I’m not exactly comfortable with playing games about very recent conflicts, conflicts with survivors and relatives still living and feeling the scars from these wars. World War Two is about as recent as I’m prepared to go.

But I have found some very good modern rules called Force on Force, which I discovered through Angus Konstam’s excellent blog, Edinbourgh Wargames.  Unlike many attempts at modern warfare I have seen, it emphases the human element over the technology. A Marine with an AK47 is more dangerous than the man down the street with an M4 carbine, and these rules capture that very well, although it uses a bit more dice-rolling than I’m used to.

Since I don’t really like playing games about recent deaths, I use them for hypothetical battles between “Red” and “Blue”, often basing my two armies on German and US armies. There are also campaign rules for those who like to play “linked scenarios” where what happens in one game affects what will happen in the next, without going to all the bother of a map-based game but still having that sense of story which a campaign gives.

Reports from the Front!


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