Russian Civil War

For some reason, I keep coming back to this period. It’s got lots of flavour, tons of very distinctive combatants and all sorts of different situations you can wargame. It’s great.

I use the Perfect Captain’s Red Actions rules, and as always, the rules make the perioid for me. If you don’t mind making a few borderline umpiring calls occasionally, the rules are fantastic. You have all sorts of units, from Soviet secret police to factory workers to Cossacks to regiments of Tsarist officers; you even have Greeks, Turks, Japanese and Mongolians! And they’re all different and unique! You have all sorts of officers, from courageous to cowardly to cunning to aggressive to experts in partisan warfare! You have everything! You even have armoured trains! 

The other interesting thing about wargaming the Russian civil war is that there are pretty much no good guys. The Communist regime proved just as inhumane (or worse) than the tsarists they replaced, and both sides committed countless war crimes. As seems to be inevitable in Russia, the war exacted an even worse toll on civilians than it did on the soldiers. It truly was a country gone to the dogs.

There is also a simple campaign system, Beyond the River Don which gives you a board game which generates your battles for you, giving your games a backstory and meaningful signifiance. You can’t just charge those cossacks into the teeth of the guns! You need them to cut the enemy’s supply lines, or scout out your left flank! Did we just lose another platoon of Latvians? We can’t afford such pyrrhic victories, Comissar! 

Hail Comrade! The Reports from the Front are in!

Onto Warsaw!



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